Not so Basic Black

Orange is the New Black may be all the rage on Netflix, but BLACK is the new black for fashion this Spring! Toss in some signs of spring with soft hues of peach or pale pink and the warmth of gold along with a textured vest to keep you warm and VOILA - you're ready [...]

Model Monday {Brandilynne, Class of 2015}

Meet Brandilynne! She's a Senior at WMHS and a complete sweetheart.  She does a lot of community service and is an aspiring Photographer - so you know we had a lot of fun together! Her sesh was on a private farm in the late Fall and the light couldn't have been better that afternoon - [...]

Taylor Swift + Nashville = 1 happy ME!

Taylor Swift + Nashville = 1 happy ME!

Next week at this time, I'll be with some of the best photographers around doing a Taylor Swift inspired photoshoot in Nashville! Some of the photographers attending are ones I met while shooting in Austin and others will be new faces and new friends in the industry. And after connecting with many of the photogs through [...]

Model Monday {Molly, Class of 2015}

Today's feature is Molly S. Class of 2015 at Monticello High School.  When I first met Molly, I knew we'd have fun. First of all, she's a natural beauty - you know, one of those girls that doesn't have to do anything other than wake up, get dressed and smile. And she's ready to go. [...]

Cool Tulle

One of the most FAQ's I get asked by a High School Senior when booking her sesh is, "What should I wear?" It's the question that hovers around us day in and day out...we look at our closet full of clothes and accessories and shoes and still, sometimes, feel like we don't have anything to [...]

Model Monday {Rachel, Class of 2015}

Rachel was one of the very first Spokesmodel applications I received last year and right away, I knew she had to be a part of the team!  I had to best time with her. I could literally call her and be like; I need a model for this great idea I have - and she'd be ready [...]

Happy 2015 Beauties!

Happy 2015 Beauties!

What an exciting time of year - it's FINALLY 2015, which means I'll be busy planning some fun photoshoots and getting ready for the publication of the 2nd SENIOR MODELS U Shine Magazine exclusive for the Class of 2016! Here's a sneak-peak of the almost finished cover - Class of 2015 Model, Alex F. I [...]