Happy 2015 Beauties!

What an exciting time of year – it’s FINALLY 2015, which means I’ll be busy planning some fun photoshoots and getting ready for the publication of the 2nd SENIOR MODELS U Shine Magazine exclusive for the Class of 2016! Here’s a sneak-peak of the almost finished cover – Class of 2015 Model, Alex F.

Senior Models 2016

I couldn’t get through the first week of 2015 without a trip to Target, my fave place on earth (next to Francesca’s, Alter’d State, Nordstrom & Sephora) and got my big ‘ole 2015 Desk Calendar – it actually goes on my wall above my desk. This year, I’ve committed to become more organized and with that comes colorful sharpies to colorize my days and wouldn’t ya know the color AQUA is for all things U Shine 😉 So out of 31 inspiring days in January, 15 of them are dedicated (as of this moment) to photo sessions and mentoring sessions. As I sat back, so stoked and thankful for the growth of my business, I’m also thinking that this will be the year of the dreaded “wait-list”. SO – since I can’t add more hours to each day…or create another day in the week, what I can do is offer a very special and well worth it VIP LIST just for Y O U.

vip list This isn’t gonna be one of those VIP lists that you join and all of a sudden are bombarded with just “stuff”. Nope, this VIP list is the diggity! You’ll be FIRST to know about upcoming Model Calls, Session Info – discounts and announcements and killer contests before they go public anywhere else. And you’ll get the newest issue of Senior Models U Shine Magazine in your hot little hands! Anyone can sign up for the VIP list, but it will have a lot of info exclusive to High School Seniors & their parents for the Class of 2016. SIGN UP HERE!

Have a fantastic weekend – do what you love, smile a lot & toss some confetti!

Shine On ~  Michele
Cherish the way you shine1Now Booking Spring 2015 Request your Sesh Here


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