Model Monday | Meet Mikayla

Hey guys! Super excited to bring you today’s Model Monday post and yes, I know it’s Tuesday. It’s been crazy fun around here – lots of inquiries – lots of photoshoots – lots of laughs and tons of planning for fall. Needless to say, the Class of 2016 is keeping me busy this summer and I LOVE it!


Meet Mikayla

As anyone would expect from her sneak peeks on Instagram, especially if you know Mikayla, is how photogenic she is. Her eyes seriously glisten like tropical waters when the sun hits them just right and her laugh is so contagious, I’m certain I fell over from giggles a few times during her session.
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Random questions with Mikayla

Fave flavor ice cream – Strawberry

Store that’s easy to spend a fortune in – Charlotte Russe

Best concert – Luke Bryan 

You won’t catch her doing Karaoke – ever!

Dream job – Dental Hygienist

Fave Disney Character – Donald Duck

Fave number – 3

Hot or Cold? – Cold

Mountains or Beach? – Mountains

Best vacation – trip to Tennessee

That’s a wrap! With smiles & confetti ~ Michele


Class of 2016…it’s your turn to SHINE! Sign up to be a VIP with U Shine Photography!  It’s free and you get priority and exclusive info on all things fabulous – like contests, model calls & announcements before they go public. This is open to anyone, but many and much of the info will be exclusive  for the Class of 2016 & their parents ONLY. So, if you are a High School Student, Class of 2016 or the parent of a Class of 2016 Senior, sign up here.


Bonus: Check out a slideshow of her photoshoot here!


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