Model Monday | Meet Sammy

Sammy joined a friend at a VIP event at Langford Market in late Spring – if you’re not familiar with what VIP events are, click HERE and learn more! We will have one more VIP event in 2015 and you’ll want to be sure you’re signed up so you don’t miss out 🙂

Meet Sammy! 

Sammy has an amazing smile and some fantastic stories of her trip to Italy this past summer. She’s a very talented artist and has one of the most contagious laughs ever! Her session was in early August – prime conditions for Virginia humidity and haze – but that didn’t stop her from having a blast! I loved her outfits and the location was a perfect representation of this gorgeous Virginia girl!

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Random questions with Sammy

Hobbies: Swimming and art

Fave fashion trend: Pattern pants and shorts

Fave item in your closet: Cowboy boots

Fave style: Boho

Fave band/singer: Eric Church

Fun Fact: Next summer will be her 14th year on a summer swim league!

Item she would never wear: Knee high chucks. 

Fave store: Alter’d State

That’s a wrap! With smiles & confetti ~ Michele


Limited spots remain for the Class of 2016  request info HERE!

Class of 2016…it’s your turn to SHINE! Sign up to be a VIP with U Shine Photography!  








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