Model Monday | Meet Yancey

We are back with Model Monday, a few days late, but trust me…it was totally worth the wait and I can’t wait to share this session with you.  I’m also excited to announce that this November I will be in California for 10 days!! I can’t wait to meet up with some friends in the industry and hopefully shoot together – it’s always so cool to see what’s trending in other places. 

Meet Yancey

This session was totally awesome! Not only because Yancey is naturally gorgeous, but the weather was nothing less than perfection. Low humidity, light breeze and that soft buttery light that us natural light photographers crave! Yancey is one of the Class of 2016 U Shine Spokesmodels, so her and I have had a few shoots together. She’s a total natural in front of the lens and is so much fun! She pretty much sums up my tag line ; be confident, be silly, be flirty, be YOU. She was also my very first LIVE shoot on Periscope, where we had people from England tuning in!  Shout out to her sister Ashley for being my awesome assistant for the afternoon 🙂 Take a peek at a few of my faves from her sesh.
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Fun Facts about Yancey

Fave candy: Andes

Social media go-to spot: Instagram

Clothing store weakness: Alter’d State

One thing always in the fridge: BBQ sauce

One thing always with her: Chapstick

Last movie that literally made her LOL: The Longest Yard

Person she’d like to meet and why: Jordan Spieth, because he’s a golfer and “gawwwgeous!”

Unusual talent: picking stuff up with her toes 

Never leave home without: cell phone

One fun fact: “When I graduated from pre-school, I tripped walking up to the stage and everyone laughed at me…I’m still mad about that”

People would be surprised to know: “i’m a total nerd”


That’s a wrap! With smiles & confetti ~ Michele


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