Jasmine | Class of 2018

Every summer, I’m lucky enough to get to meet and hang out some really great rising seniors. Many are 16-17 years old and are wise beyond their years. I’m always impressed by their confidence, their passions and hearing about their hopes and dreams. They are unafraid of the world and optimistic. They embrace humanity and are generous with their smiles and high fives.  But most of all, what I absolutely love about my clients is that they are real. So while I may be the gal behind the lens, it’s their spirit and their vibe reflecting back. It’s not photoshop, fancy lights or equipment. Just the model and their true authentic selves captured by little ole’ me. Cheers Class of 2018, you guys SLAYYYYY

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine reminds me of the girl that everyone wants to be friends with. The kind of girl that empowers and cheers on others. The girl that will have your back when perhaps no one else will. She is kind, sweet, strong and oozes confidence filled with joy and humility. Jasmine’s got a flair for fashion and it shows! Catch her on the runway showcasing her very own design created out of only recycled materials at the annual STAB Fashion Show – I’ll be there cheering her on, Project Runway look out!
Q: Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

A: Mia Hamm

Q: What’s the nest advice you’ve ever received?

A: To make a list of 10 things to do today. Then get rid of the bottom 3 and do the others at 70%. (The 7, 50 rule)

Q: What’s you unusual talent?

A: I know where all the countries in the world are located next to.



That’s a wrap! Smiles & Confetti ~ Michele


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