Love is Louder


What’s your word? Clearly, my word is SHINE – why? Well, for one, I like sparkly things. Give me all the sequins, glitter & confetti! And two, when I was little, I would put on my mom’s over-sized sunglasses from the 70’s and sing, “This little light of mine…” anyplace, anytime. I was quite a shy kid, as you can imagine – ha! SHINE. The word in itself is empowering to me and brings good memories. Did people stare at me? Yes, but I was a kid and didn’t care. As I got into my teens, I got stared at a lot too; only as a teen I hated it. I became very self-conscious and I decided to try to blend in with others; from my personality to my style to my personal appearance. Honestly, it wasn’t a lot of fun and it was stressful to conform to someone I wasn’t. One day, I read this quote by Harry Winston, “People will stare, make it worth their while”. I remember thinking, damn straight! I even have it on my business cards, because it’s a reminder to not feel insecure if you notice others noticing you. It’s my way to pay it forward in a subtle way. I hope that if you have one of my business cards, that you’ve kept it and have posted the quote side someplace you see daily. You are in control of your self-esteem. No one else has that power, so don’t give it to them. It took time learn to love myself as ME but I did it! Words have power. The way you talk to yourself and the way we speak to others and the way we process what others say to us. Words ARE power and LOVE is always LOUDER. #LoveisLouder



Ainsley | Class of 2019

SPIRIT “I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.”


Jade | Class of 2019

ASPIRE  “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”


Maddie | Class of 2019

FIERCE “And though she be but little, She is Fierce”


Nicola | Class of 2019

    UNIQUE “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

Hailee & Reagan | Class of 2019

DREAM “I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength” If you dream you can do it and believe you can…you can – Reagan

To learn more about LOVE is LOUDER and be a part of the movement, click HERE

That’s a wrap! Smiles & Confetti ~ Michele


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