Let’s be Authentic

Let’s be authentic. Class of 2019, that’s what’s up this year. Actually it should be that way every moment of every day throughout the year. It’s a challenge, I know because the Kardashian’s of the world have inadvertently shown us their perception of beauty. Heck, even in the Senior Photography biz the trend is; “be yourself but the self that I want you to be.” Wardrobe, style that’s not your own and never would be. Contour. Angles. And any other form of “unauthentic” that doesn’t portray YOU. We all want to show the social media world us at our best, so yes I’ll keep my selfie angle high 😅 But THIS YEAR let’s try to be better than to conform to others ideals. CHALLENGE yourself to feel comfortable in your God given beauty. GIVE yourself permission to accept the things you can not change. ENERGIZE others to do the same 🔆

The Team!

The Class of 2019 U Shine Spokesmodel retreat was a HUGE success. 17 girls, 4 different high schools, various hobbies, personalities and style with 1 common interest; to uplift others! This group of ladies seriously has set the tone for this year. They are ambitious, talented, intelligent and genuinely happy. So it’s not surprising that their vibe is simply contagious!

Top – Maddie, Bridget, Allison, Sam, Isabella                                                                                                  Bottom – Isabella, Diamond, Brooklyn, Maddie, Nic, Bridget, Ainsley, Reagan

Be You – the best message around! I’ll be placing a few of these rocks around and if you find one – you will get entered into a drawing for a FREE PHOTOSHOOT! Be sure you’re on the VIP list and subscribe to the blog to learn more soon!

Summer is about making memories, so go out and make it happen! Use #ShineOnSummer18 on instagram to share your summer-smilin’-happy-good times 🙂

Smiles & Confetti ~ Michele


Class of 2019, I think you’re ready to GROW in your confidence & I’m ready for you, let’s shoot!

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