Thanks for perusing around checking out my website! This is the section where I tell you all about my photography business & how High School Seniors are my specialty but that could possibly bore you to sleep. So with that, I’ll stick to the real “about me” fun tidbits and quirks that make me…me.

t i d b i t s

I am married to my high school sweetheart – we are 20 years strong

Dogs rock my soul

Strawberries + Nutella are my fave go-to treat

I can drink 2 pots of Italian roast, French press style and still take a nap

I always have more fun than it seems like I should

Nothing beats a great hug, Eskimo kiss and laughing til you cry

I dig classic 80’s movies

I recently went on a hot air balloon ride & I’m afraid of heights – YAY ME!

I love a good jam; Nirvana, Jay-Z and Elton John top my list (oh and Taylor Swift, but she goes without saying)

Less is always more

I believe beauty is in simplicity

I used to design jewelry and sell it to big wigs such as Coldwater Creek and Nordstrom

I’m an East Coast southern girl with a West Coast surfer girl heart

Paying it forward warms my heart

I love the beach, it feels like home

I believe in good hair products

As cliché as it may be, my dad is still my hero

There are so many facets to me, just like there are many facets to you. It is my hope that during your photoshoot, I am able to capture your authentic beautiful self.

Shine on ~  Michele

ME headshot

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